Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Players of the Month for August!

Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Players of the Month for August!

Liv D. from Coach Sauder’s team and Vaibhav S. from Coach Yafai’s team have been announced Player’s of the Month for August.

In addition to her soccer abilities, Liv is being recognized for her DIGNITY-treat people well, expect nothing back, and the pride will flow. Here’s what coach Sauder had to say about Liv: “Liv put together thoughtful goodie bags for all the girls. There was no occasion, she just wanted to do something nice for the players on her team. Liv is always kind, respectful and helpful to her teammates, and this is just one example.”

In addition to his soccer abilities, Vaibhav is being recognized for his  UNITY –work together to bring the best out of each other on and off the field, believe in each other’s ability and expertise, collaborate for the common good across all our communities. Here’s what coach Yafai had to say: Vaibhav is an absolute joy to have on our team. I worked with Vaibhav 3 years ago in our PCA program and to see him now in club you can tell that he has been working hard on developing into a talented player and a fine young man. Vaibhav’s fun character makes him a pleasure to be around and whenever we have a new player trying out or a new recruited player to the team, Vaibhav takes it upon himself to make them feel welcome instantly.”

As part of this recognition, our Liverpool Way Player’s of the Month will be featured on the Liverpool Football Club’s global website! 

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