Congratulations May Coach of the Month Winners!

Congratulations May Coach of the Month Winners!

With several outstanding nominations each, we are excited to announce that our May Coach of the Month Winners are……

Girls Coach of the Month: Jamie Rose

Boys Coach of the Month: Liam Brader

It is with great pride we report that 27 of our coaches received nominations from either a player or parent from one of their teams!   THANK YOU to those that took the time to nominate your coach and share examples of how each of them are exemplifying our Core Values, and exceeding the high standards set forth by LFC! 

The following is just a couple examples of the many nominations we received for Coach Liam and Coach Jamie:

“I nominate Liam Brader for coach of the month because he went above and beyond and demonstrated commitment, respect, belief, and leadership to our B2006 team during the Spring COVID quarantine/ shut down starting the first day. Specifically, Liam organized daily team workouts and kept players motivated & accountable by asking each player to submit a video + result of their regular exercise to the entire team via WhatsApp.    This program was in addition to the regular training and zoom meetings organized by the club.   Going on nearly 90 days, Liam provided nearly 1400+ (90×16) individual feedbacks to each player’s video and result in WhatsApp for all players and parents to see and respond.  I have not heard of anyone else doing this, and I imagine it took hours each day to review the videos and comment. ”  

“We are new to coach Liam’s team and I can say that it’s a refreshing change from where we came from. In the short time that he has been my son’s coach I have noticed a positive change in my son. My son is no longer playing in fear but playing more free. Liam was quick to identify Connor’s strengths and weaknesses and use it to the teams advantage. He was lucky enough to play in National Cup with the 08’s and was so happy that he was able to play more than one position. Liam showed me that he is patient and passionate with the kids. During the covid break Liam continued to communicate with the team daily with exercises and drills. He also called to check in on my son to make sure we were ok. I am so looking forward to an exciting season of growth and success with Liam.”

“When Johnny was asked to try out for the club after she attended a camp, we were hesitant. We had heard some pretty bad stories about coaches and families once you go to club level. Luckily, Johnny was selected for Jamie’s team and we have had the best experience! So much so that two of our other daughters now play for Liverpool. Jamie cares so much about these girls and their development, not just as soccer players, but as people. Jamie creates a great learning environment.He really has that great balance of making training fun and keeping the girls accountable at the same time. Trust me, those girls know when it’s time to get to work! Johnny has grown so much as a player since she has been with Jamie, it’s amazing. She’s learned so much about the game, reading the field, reading teammates, skills just keep improving and he’s given her the ability to play in three different positions to keep her learning while still elevating team play. He gives his players opportunities to develop in all areas. He doesn’t pigeon hole them, he lets them develop. Jamie leads with a warmth and passion and easily motivates his teams. He loves the game and it shows in his coaching and it’s infectious! He handles himself beautifully on the sidelines even when none of us would blame him for losing it! He really strives to lead by example and it shows in our girls play and presentation on the field. Jamie really is a gem and we appreciate him very much. There’s no question in our minds he should be recognized for all he does and who he is. He’s a big donut and we love him!”

“Coach Rose has been so diligent in keeping the team active, upbeat, and informed especially with the current circumstances of the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the approaching return to the fields and training he has been very professional about preparing his teams for readiness. Given their younger age (9) it is with great care that he has brought a sense of normalcy to their lives and kept the virtual training regimens fun and instructive.”

Thank you again for your nominations; please keep them coming!

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