Coach of the Month

Coach of the Month

LFCIA SoCal introduces new Coach(es) of the Month program

As a club, our core values have always been a fundamental part of our organization, as well as a key component of our mission.  We value our coaches and believe we have some of the best, dedicated to delivering valuable life lessons to your players for a bigger game at play.

Now that we’ve joined the Liverpool FC International Academy family, we are excited to incorporate their core values with what we do in SoCal. We already highlight some of our most exceptional players, and now it’s time to shine the spotlight on the coaches at the center of it all. These extraordinary coaches exemplify the four values of the Liverpool Way:

  • Ambition – 
    • Knowing that dreams are there to be achieved. Nothing is impossible.
    • Have the courage to take risks and learn from honest mistakes. It makes us braver next time.
    • Pursue ever-higher goals with your feet on the ground.
  • Commitment – 
    • Put your heart and soul into everything – go that last mile to do things right.
    • Live by hard graft and continuous self improvement.
    • Be proud, professional and enthusiastic in all aspects of the club.
  • Dignity – 
    • Earn respect through honesty and integrity.
    • Be true to yourself and trust each other to do the right thing in any given situation. 
    • Treat people well, expect nothing back and the pride will flow.
  • Unity
    • Work together to bring the best out of each other, on and off the field.
    • Believe in each other’s ability and expertise.
    • Collaborate for the common good across all our communities.

We would love your help!  We are excited to introduce our Coach of the Month Program, which allows you the opportunity to recognize your outstanding coach/coaches!  Please take a few minutes and let us know how your coach is positively impacting your player.  The LFCIA SoCal Coach of the Month will be recognized on our website, social media sites and KICK newsletter.

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