And the Coach of the Month Winners for October are……

And the Coach of the Month Winners for October are……

Girls Coach: Sami Alarcon

Boys Coach: Francis Davin


Here are a couple examples of the nominations we received for Coach Sami and Coach Francis:

“My daughter is always excited to go to practice, even when she’s tired after sitting on zoom calls each day, and she’s most excited to see Coach Sami. Sami is always upbeat, consistent and cheerful with the kids while also instilling a dedication to the team and one another. She shows the girls how to focus and try their best by setting the example in her own conduct during practice. She personally touched our family recently because we had a loss of a close relative within our family that deeply saddened us and my children. My daughter was not herself when going to practice a few days afterwards; a personal change that Coach Sami noticed immediately and reached out to us to offer her support to our family. It meant so much that while Sami has many children she works with; she knows their little personalities and can tell when something is “off”. I feel like our daughter has a coach that truly cares about her not just as a player, but as a person. For these reasons, we humbly nominate Sami for Coach of the Month!”

“We are submitting this nomination on behalf of our entire team, however, I can speak to the impact our coach has had on my son, Harris. Coach Francis knows how to motivate him to work hard to constantly improve his skills. Sometimes Harris gets frustrated and wants to give up when he doesn’t master a skill quickly, but Francis has really helped him to understand that failure and mistakes are part of the growth process and to never give up. He’s taught him to set a goal and work hard to reach it, commit to the task, to the team, and to yourself. These are valuable lessons, both on and off the pitch!”

“Coach Francis always encourages my son to take risks and learn from his honest mistakes. He gives positive feedback which motivates my son to always give his best effort. In addition, he treats everyone very well, on and off the field.”

THANK YOU to those that took the time to nominate your coach and share examples of how each of them are exemplifying our Core Values, and exceeding the high standards set forth by LFC! 

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