And the Coach of the Month Winners for August are……

And the Coach of the Month Winners for August are……

Boys Coach: Max Camilleri

Girls Coach: Justine Sauder – Cooper


Here are a few examples of the nominations we received for Coach Max and Coach Justine:

“Coach Max is always engaged with every player in the practice with his 100% energy and positive attitude.”

“He has kept his team focused and committed to being a team. They have bonded through some difficult times through his hard work and drive. They love being at practice together and have formed good friendships and have maintained their passion for soccer.”

“My son is loving soccer now and loves his teammates. That was mainly due to the coach that helped develop those relationships and the love for the game.”

“Justine has taken more time than any other coach we’ve had, to get to know the girls and push them to support each other through these hard times. Even with having 7-10 girls on zoom she was taking the time to call out wins by the girls and giving them pointers to practice on their own. She was amazing about providing custom work outs and really helping the girls get through quarantine. I especially loved how she always gave the girls a few minutes to catch up since they were not getting to see each other. It is especially lovely that as a woman she knows what these girls are going through and she actually talks to them about it.”

“Coach Justine has gone the extra mile to communicate with Parents and Players. She listens to their concerns, observes safe distancing among players and is still committed to make it fun for players.”

THANK YOU to those that took the time to nominate your coach and share examples of how each of them are exemplifying our Core Values, and exceeding the high standards set forth by LFC! 

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