Player Development. Learn to play the Liverpool Way.

LFC International Academies exist to provide the best coaching program and experience for all our fans and young players allowing them to develop and reach their full potential.

Our Vision of Playing Excellence

  • Respect the LFC values in everything we do: Ambition, Commitment, Dignity, Unity
  • Attacking football that is played with individual expression, linked to excellent decision making
  • Dominating your opponent in 1v1 situations
  • Outplaying your opponent in a variety of different ways
  • Dominating possession of the ball aided by clever movement
  • Scoring goals via individual excellence or combining with teammates
  • A commitment to be positive at all times
  • A dedication for improvement
  • An outstanding work ethic
  • Individual application
  • Collective organisation
  • Winning mentality
  • Taking ownership of learning self-improvement
  • Excellent communication

Our ‘Player Centered’ Approach

Long term player development (LTPD) and players enjoying soccer are at the core of our playing and coaching philosophy.

We feel an attacking style of play based on effective possession of the ball is the best style to improve learning and development.

To develop creative players with comfortable midfield attributes, freedom of expression is vital in an environment that promotes individual decision making.

Players need to be encouraged to express themselves without the fear of failure. Young players will encouraged from trying new things and not be criticised if they make a mistake. Coaches will always praise effort and application.

We always prioritise what is best for the player, keeping them at the centre of our development model.

Long Term Player Development Model

We develop all players at the LFC International Academy in 5 key areas, with the player at the centre of this model.