Juggling Club

Juggling Club

At LFCIA SoCal we encourage independent study from our players at all ages and Phases of Development , with this in mind we wish to implement our recognition system for players who strive to show the necessary characteristics that are aligned to our LFC Value of , “ Commitment”  and in line with the Liverpool vision of playing to show :

• A dedication to improvement 

• An outstanding work ethic 

• Individual application

• Taking ownership of learning self-improvement

As a club we want to encourage our players to strive for excellence, not just at training and in games but away from the club where they can challenge themselves with excellent practice.

Players who join this exclusive club will be recognized by LFCIA SoCal.

50 / 100 Club Bronze Club – Ages 2012 – 2008 / 2009 – 2003 

100 / 300 Club Silver Club – Ages 2012 – 2008 / 2009 – 2003

200 / 500 Club Gold Club – Ages 2012 – 2008 / 2009 – 2003

300 / 1000 Club Platinum Club  – Ages 2012 – 2008 / 2009 – 2003

Why the Juggling Club? 

Ball familiarity is a skill & key component of player development, every and any meaningful ball contact time will develop a player’s base skill level, enabling them to perform to a higher standard in regular training and games. Skill acquisition is a learned process and we wish to encourage our players to strive to be the best soccer player they can and have fun while achieving this!

The challenges will also help players to build concentration levels, set personal targets and improve self-confidence, all of these aspects of a players performances are a central component to the Liverpool Football Club player development model.

LFCIA SoCal Juggling Club Rules:  NO BOUNCES AND NO HANDS!  An honor system will be employed here.  When reporting your juggles, include full name, year born, team, skill performed and exact number of juggles,  remember you coach may ask you to demonstrate at training! 

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