LFCIA SoCal Academy

Program Structure

We offer a progressive pathway for players from our pre Academy to youth Academy and onto college and pro. The Academy includes age groups at U11 through U19, and provides direct pathways into Women’s and Men’s Semi pro teams (WPSL & NPSL). 

Through this structure, we have the ability to maximize player development opportunities and promote youth players into the professional or college environment. 

With one of our core values of commitment to innovation and high-performance, along with optimal structure and resources, we will be the model club for player and coach development in the United States.

Vertical Integration

Age groups in the Academy are in an extended player pool where we have two teams within the structure of Academy and Academy II. 

In order to facilitate proper player development, we apply vertical integration across the player pool, and teams, where we see appropriate opportunity to do so. 

This requires a consistent training curriculum and methodology whereby our coaches are responsible for collaborating and creating ideal training and game playing scenarios for all players within an age group. 


We apply an age-based developmental philosophy:

Coaches will focus on age appropriate development through the phases, working on a five week rotational cycle :
• Youth Developement Phase U11 – U16s
• Pro Development Phase U17 and above 

Working from the following format:
• Liverpool Football Club International Academy coaching curriculum, direct from the academy in Liverpool (+GK version) 
• Liverpool Football Club International Academy sessions via individual Sports Session Planner accounts. 

Our minimum standards

In every single session there is a minimum requirement in our academy program. 
We call this the non-negotiables.

  • 100% effort and application
  • Respect decisions of staff and officials
  • Being courageous in and out of possession, being brave to get on the ball
  • Positive body language
  • The LFC values (ambition, commitment, dignity and unity) must be promoted at all times

Professional Staff 

We hand select our Academy staff based on strict criteria, including character, experience, knowledge of the age group and US Soccer and all head coaches must have a minimum US Soccer B license or higher. 

Our staff includes the following positions:

  • Technical Director
  • Academy Director
  • Academy Administrator 
  • College Placement Director 
  • Head Coach 
  • Assistant Coach
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • Sports Performance Coach

Academy Teams

BU19 (02/03) – Head Coach Paul Holohan 
BU17 (04) – Head Coach Paul Holohan 
BU16 (05) – Head Coach Paul Holohan 
BU15 (06) – Head Coach Bryan Wallace
BU14 (07) – Head Coach Bryan Wallace
BU13 (08) – Head Coach Liam Brader 
BU12 (09) – Head Coach Francis Davin
BU11 (10) – Head Coach Graeme Jennings 

Academy II Teams 
BU19 (02/03) – Head Coach Bryan Wallace 
BU17 (04) – Head Coach Glen Gamble 
BU16 (05) – Head Coach Glen Gamble 
BU15 (06) – Head Coach Liam Brader
BU14 (07) – Head Coach Adam Rider
BU13 (08) – Head Coach Adam Rider
BU12 (09) – Head Coach Glen Gamble
BU11 (10) – Head Coach Liam Brader 

Academy Resources and Initiatives

  • Financial assistance for players that qualify
  • Individual Development Plans for players
  • Access to all home game footage
  • Classroom access for team meetings and video analysis
  • Position-specific training
  • Age-based developmental model
  • Comprehensive curriculum and teaching methodology
  • Respect the LFC values: Ambition, Commitment, Dignity, Unity
  • Attacking football played with individual expression excellent decision making
  • Dominating your opponent in 1v1 situations
  • Outplaying your opponent in a variety of different ways
  • Dominating possession of the ball aided by clever movement
  • Scoring goals via individual excellence or combining with teammates
  • A commitment to be positive at all times
  • A dedication for improvement
  • An outstanding work ethic
  • Individual application
  • Collective organisation
  • Winning mentality
  • Taking ownership of learning self-improvement & excellent communication

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