Our LFCIA Family Unites to Make a Difference in Our Community

Our LFCIA Family Unites to Make a Difference in Our Community

Last month’s “Cards of Compassion” Campaign was a big Success!

It was wonderful to see the outpouring of love and compassion from many of our LFCIA family members! Thank you to all who purchased and/or created handmade cards full of well-wishes, to help lift the spirits of our community’s seniors!  Numerous beautiful cards were collected and delivered to different local senior homes last week, positively impacting many senior’s lives during this difficult time.  Quincie Novella, the organizer and Senior Homecare Manager based in Irvine, was extremely grateful for our donation.  “We are blessed with the outreach from our community. We are touching the lives of seniors who are lonely, some depressed and most unsure what the future holds for them. Most seniors we are donating to live in Board and Care Homes, Assisted Living Communities, or Skilled Nursing Facilities;  isolated from visitors and only communicating with family via telephone or video calls. Together, we ARE making a difference, letting them know they are loved and cared for” she said.  Quincie is continuously accepting card (non-religious handmade or store bought) donations. If you’d like to contribute please contact our Community Outreach Manager, at

Thank you again for your Commitment to making a difference in our community!

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