Coach Francis Davin’s 09 team Demonstrates Living the “Liverpool Way!”

Coach Francis Davin’s 09 Team Demonstrates Living the “Liverpool Way!”

Coach Francis Davin and his 09 Academy team, demonstrated what it’s like to be committed to living the “Liverpool Way” off the pitch.  Together they united to make a difference in their community by volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.  

For two hours they set aside time to serve others!  They were given a talk explaining about the 450,000 people in Orange County at risk of going hungry every month…yes, that’s just in Orange County!

Then they spent time sorting fruits and vegetables that were to be distributed to those in need.  “I knew this team could work well together on the pitch, but seeing them unite this way off the pitch was special” coach Davin said.  “They put in just as much energy and determination as they do during a game!”

After their task was complete, they were given a tour of the entire warehouse and a studio apartment that was home to a family of 5, showing them the living conditions of those they served that day.

“My experience at the food bank made me feel like I really impacted many lives. It was fun to bond with my team off the field” said teammember, Lucas.  His mom continued, “As a parent, it was nice to see our soccer club teaching our kids about the importance of community service. I think it was a great way for families to bond, and being new to LFCIA, we felt welcomed!” 

Coach Francis summed up the experience; “I am lucky to have a wonderful team of soccer players, but part of my job is also to teach them skills off the field. We wanted to do something for the community that would also give the boys a perspective on life that they might not have had before. It’s important to remember how fortunate we all are to have food on the table and boots on our feet!” 

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