Behind the Community Events

Behind the Community Events

At LFC IA SoCal, we are more than just soccer, we are a community. During this critical period in club history, we take pride in creating memorable experiences not just on the field, but more importantly in and around Orange County. As a club, “The Liverpool Way” connects our players and families together through Ambition, Commitment, Dignity and Unity. These values prompted LFC IA SoCal to build a community outreach team, led by a power duo of two amazing, experienced individuals. The community outreach team leaders, Barbara Salamoff and Julie Marada, have worked tirelessly to create a structured calendar of events for membership to attend that will be centered behind the four club values.

Barbara and her family have been with the club for nearly a decade, with her daughter (Sydnee) and son (Kyle) starting with the club when it was the FC Blades. Initially, they became a host family for one of the club’s coaches, for almost a year, during which time they got to know many other of the club’s coaches who would also be welcomed at “Wednesday Dinner” at the Salamoff residence. Barb’s involvement and relationships with the coaches led her to begin volunteering for the club, as a back-up Admin and club board member. She also served as the club uniform coordinator for the change to LA Galaxy OC, organizing uniform numbering and distribution for over 70 boys and girls teams. At the same time, Barb continued her employment in the Sales & Marketing Department for Lakeshore Learning Materials, selling children’s educational toys and supplies to school districts across the nation. After 24 years at Lakeshore, Barb decided to come on board as a full-time employee of the club in a role that would allow her to spend more time with her kids and help drive the club into what it is today.

Julie has been a part of club soccer community for some time. She enrolled her daughter (Jordan) into club soccer because she enjoyed the value that youth sports can bring to developing a young athlete. Their family quickly immersed into the club soccer world, spending nine years successfully traveling through the youth ranks and further into college and professional soccer. Like Barbara, Julie used these years to create relationships with some of the most influential members of the community and went on to meet LFC IA SoCal CEO, Tim Woodcock. Tim created a special new role for her in 2018, offering a job in the club because she had good character and brought an extreme sense of positivity to the workplace. During this time, she has created relationships in the community, built elementary school programs, opened up volunteer opportunities for players, and led the club in executing exciting events around the area.

These events will teach players life skills and bring our club to life in the SoCal community. Our goal is to bring our players together, reflecting the values that are taught on the field and to give back to the community that has given them a platform to play the game they love.
The two are looking forward to their partnership working together to build an incredible calendar of events for our membership. “I am looking forward to learning from her connections and professionalism. We have similar ideas and are passionate and motivated for giving back to a community that has given our families so many great opportunities.” Said Marada. Their similar personalities directly align with the clubs’ values, with Dignity being their favorite. They believe that being true to yourself and having good character will allow the other three values to fall in line.

Barbara Salamoff and her family supporting the runners at the 37th Spirit Run in Newport Beach.

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