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LFCIA “Kicked Off” it’s Recreational Programs

LFCIA “Kicked Off” it’s Recreational Programs

The Junior Reds Fall Programs are underway and the players couldn’t be any happier to be back on the field!

Over 900 kids are playing in our Central Junior Reds Program (Irvine/Tustin area), which started play on August 31st. “It’s been a lot of fun for the players to get out of the house and back out on the soccer field,” said Junior Reds Director Albert Moushebek. “Not only is it great for them to get some much needed exercise and social interaction, they are extremely happy to be back playing soccer with their friends.”

In the West (Cypress/Los Alamitos area), the kids had a great start to their Junior Reds program as well.  Director Sophia Tostado was so impressed to see our volunteer coaches quickly adapt to delivering our Return to the Field socially distant training sessions. “Even though our 130 players are separated in their own practice grids, they are still trying hard, making progress, being good sports and experiencing positive coaching. They are having a lot of fun playing with their friends, and there’s nothing better than that!” she said.

It’s great to see our Junior Reds players back on the field, decked out in their new kits! Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and families who make this program possible. With your support and dedication, our kids experience the positive outcome of community support!

We wish everyone a safe and fun season ahead.


And the Coach of the Month Winners for August are……

And the Coach of the Month Winners for August are……

Boys Coach: Max Camilleri

Girls Coach: Justine Sauder – Cooper


Here are a few examples of the nominations we received for Coach Max and Coach Justine:

“Coach Max is always engaged with every player in the practice with his 100% energy and positive attitude.”

“He has kept his team focused and committed to being a team. They have bonded through some difficult times through his hard work and drive. They love being at practice together and have formed good friendships and have maintained their passion for soccer.”

“My son is loving soccer now and loves his teammates. That was mainly due to the coach that helped develop those relationships and the love for the game.”

“Justine has taken more time than any other coach we’ve had, to get to know the girls and push them to support each other through these hard times. Even with having 7-10 girls on zoom she was taking the time to call out wins by the girls and giving them pointers to practice on their own. She was amazing about providing custom work outs and really helping the girls get through quarantine. I especially loved how she always gave the girls a few minutes to catch up since they were not getting to see each other. It is especially lovely that as a woman she knows what these girls are going through and she actually talks to them about it.”

“Coach Justine has gone the extra mile to communicate with Parents and Players. She listens to their concerns, observes safe distancing among players and is still committed to make it fun for players.”

THANK YOU to those that took the time to nominate your coach and share examples of how each of them are exemplifying our Core Values, and exceeding the high standards set forth by LFC! 

Community News

Coach James Milne Promoted to Technical Director of Newport Mesa

Coach James Milne Promoted to Technical Director of Newport Mesa!

We are proud to announce the promotion of Coach James Milne as the new Technical Director of Newport Mesa!

James has been with our club for nearly two years, during which time he has greatly impacted his players on his B12 and B11 teams. “I’m excited to see James take on the challenge of building our Newport Beach/Costa Mesa region. He is hardworking and has great knowledge of our LFCIA programs. I have no doubt he will be a big success,” CEO Tim Woodcock said. 

Obtaining a BA in Sports Coaching and Exercise Science as well as earning his teaching credential has made a significant impact on James’ ability to impact youth of all ages. This has given him a “clear understanding of the learning process and how to break down complicated skills into simple steps for the players” he said.  He is certain his education, along with his coaching experience, has prepared him to thrive in his new role.

As the Technical Director of Newport Mesa, James is in charge of providing the community’s youth with various opportunities to play soccer, such as skills clinics, seasonal camps, after school programs and competitive league play, all while being committed to teaching them life lessons on and off the soccer field. James focuses on building character through demonstration of our Liverpool FCIA Core Values; Ambition, Commitment, Dignity and Unity.  

“My job as the Technical Director is to give children the opportunity to come and exercise, have fun, and be a part of the sport they love,” Milne said. He’s committed to “finding a program that fits them, helping them learn determination, build self confidence, and become the best they can be on and off the field.”

Over 80 local players participated in our Free Skills Clinics in August, where they engaged in some fun, physical activity on a Saturday morning.  James was very happy to receive positive parent feedback and loved seeing the kids having a great time.  After all he said, his mission is “to create a positive environment where young players are at the center of their development, allowing them maximum opportunity for creativity and freedom.” 

He’s just getting started, and all of us at LFCIA couldn’t be happier for him!

Congratulations James!


Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Nominees for August!

Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Nominees for August!


Knowing that dreams are there to be achieved. Nothing is impossible. Have the courage to take risks and learn from honest mistakes. It makes us braver next time. Pursue ever-higher goals with your feet on the ground.

  • AIDEN CABRAL – B08 Brader


Earn respect through honesty and integrity. Be true to yourself and trust each other to do the right thing in any given situation. Treat people well expect nothing back and the pride will flow.

  • LIV DONALDSON – G08 Sauder-Cooper
  • ETHAN SHAPIRO – B10 Yafai


Work together to bring the best out of each other,on and off the field. Believe in each other’s ability and expertise. Collaborate for the common good across all our communities.

  • VAIBHAV SRINIVASAN – B08 White Yafai
  • CONNOR MARTIN – B12 East Dolan


Put your heart and soul into everything – go that last mile to do things right. Live by hard graft and continuous self improvement. Be proud, professional and enthusiastic in all aspects of the club.

  • LUKE WARD – B06 Premier Brader
  • ELI GOVARGEZ – B10 Red Valdez
  • AIDEN MOORE – B06 Red Valdez
  • JAYDEN ALDRIDGE – B07 Red Mizen
  • HAMZA SHAFOAT – B12 Red Milne
  • CAYDEN GWON – B11 Red Milne
  • MORGAN CRANDON – B11 White Milne
  • ADDIE BOUSARD – G07 Premier Sauder – Cooper


Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Players of the Month for August!

Congratulations to our “Liverpool Way” Players of the Month for August!

Liv D. from Coach Sauder’s team and Vaibhav S. from Coach Yafai’s team have been announced Player’s of the Month for August.

In addition to her soccer abilities, Liv is being recognized for her DIGNITY-treat people well, expect nothing back, and the pride will flow. Here’s what coach Sauder had to say about Liv: “Liv put together thoughtful goodie bags for all the girls. There was no occasion, she just wanted to do something nice for the players on her team. Liv is always kind, respectful and helpful to her teammates, and this is just one example.”

In addition to his soccer abilities, Vaibhav is being recognized for his  UNITY –work together to bring the best out of each other on and off the field, believe in each other’s ability and expertise, collaborate for the common good across all our communities. Here’s what coach Yafai had to say: Vaibhav is an absolute joy to have on our team. I worked with Vaibhav 3 years ago in our PCA program and to see him now in club you can tell that he has been working hard on developing into a talented player and a fine young man. Vaibhav’s fun character makes him a pleasure to be around and whenever we have a new player trying out or a new recruited player to the team, Vaibhav takes it upon himself to make them feel welcome instantly.”

As part of this recognition, our Liverpool Way Player’s of the Month will be featured on the Liverpool Football Club’s global website! 


From our DOC

A Message from our DOC,
Garreth Barker

“I’m very happy that a number of our coaches have been accepted to the next level of US Soccer Coaching Qualifications” announced our DOC, Garreth Barker.

Rob Harrison, James Milne, and James Curry have been accepted by US Soccer, while Liam Brader is awaiting confirmation of a place on the USS A licence. Justine Sauder is awaiting acceptance on the USS B license, and Glen Gamble has gained a place and is awaiting course dates on the USS B licence. These courses are not only a barometer of self education but are pivotal in exposing our coaches to the next level of thinking as we look to establish the best technical department in the southern state.

This external coach education is part of the 5-Star Coaching Model (internal coaching management system) which is unique to this club. This will also be supplemented by the delivery of LFC specific training modules that will further enhance the performance of our coaches.

“I am excited to deliver the LFC Coach Education Program, and feel this will be beneficial in the long term development of our coaches and players alike” Barker said, and “I’m looking forward to more coaches being accepted to the next level of their professional coaching qualifications.

LFCIA SoCal is extremely proud of these coaches for being a great example for our players by demonstrating our Core Value of “Ambition; Pursuing ever-higher goals with your feet on the ground.  Congratulations and good luck Coaches!


Our LFCIA Family Unites to Make a Difference in Our Community

Our LFCIA Family Unites to Make a Difference in Our Community

Last month’s “Cards of Compassion” Campaign was a big Success!

It was wonderful to see the outpouring of love and compassion from many of our LFCIA family members! Thank you to all who purchased and/or created handmade cards full of well-wishes, to help lift the spirits of our community’s seniors!  Numerous beautiful cards were collected and delivered to different local senior homes last week, positively impacting many senior’s lives during this difficult time.  Quincie Novella, the organizer and Senior Homecare Manager based in Irvine, was extremely grateful for our donation.  “We are blessed with the outreach from our community. We are touching the lives of seniors who are lonely, some depressed and most unsure what the future holds for them. Most seniors we are donating to live in Board and Care Homes, Assisted Living Communities, or Skilled Nursing Facilities;  isolated from visitors and only communicating with family via telephone or video calls. Together, we ARE making a difference, letting them know they are loved and cared for” she said.  Quincie is continuously accepting card (non-religious handmade or store bought) donations. If you’d like to contribute please contact our Community Outreach Manager, at

Thank you again for your Commitment to making a difference in our community!


Jackson’s Pathway Towards His Dream

Jackson’s Pathway Towards His Dream

Jackson Meyers has reached the next level of his personal pathway, and we could not be more proud!

Jackson, now 10 years old, started playing soccer at age 5. He joined LA Galaxy Orange County (now Liverpool FCIA SoCal) through our Junior Development League (JDL) recreation program. From JDL, he was selected into our Center of Excellence program, where players are professionally trained and prepared to transition from a recreational program to competitive soccer. As Jackson moved on to the Club’s Pre-Academy teams, his parents appreciated the consistent positive coaching approach which enabled Jackson to set a foundation and develop up the soccer ladder. This is what they had to say about his experience:

“Jackson’s current opportunity with the LA Galaxy Development Academy was only possible due to the incredible player development platform and superior coaching he received at LA Galaxy OC (now Liverpool FCIA SoCal). Their strong alignment with the LA Galaxy Professional Club has made for a seamless transition.  Outstanding individualized instruction remained constant during his 4 years with the club. Jackson benefited from the Club’s 5-Star Coaching model <coaches personal development platform> and enabled him to progress successfully through the Club’s Player Pathway.

As parents, we all want to see our kids develop their skills and become better soccer players, however HOW that is done is critical. The coaches created a consistent, positive and fun environment, developing both skills and reinforcing sportsmanship, attitude, responsibility and a love of the game. We also appreciated how coaches from the various teams within the club built great relationships with all players, even those not on their specific teams. It creates a family environment, which for younger players in particular is key to maximizing their growth. We could not be more grateful for the incredible development & coaching Jackson received!”

Boys Director, Graeme Jennings, coached Jackson while he played with us and said “Jackson has an attitude and desire to accept nothing less than top quality; learning from mistakes, and then putting in the extra time to reframe his mistakes; he took this opportunity to learn and develop which helped him improve and master his techniques. It has been a privilege for me and all of our coaches who worked with Jackson, to see him grow, mature and develop as a player and person.”



A Hero Among US

A Hero Among Us

photo credit: Lisa Hu Chen

You might know her, have heard of her, or maybe you’ve seen her on the field, but chances are you don’t know what she was up to this summer!

We are bursting with pride to learn about one of our very own soccer moms, Keri O’Melveny from Harrison’s B05 and G08 teams.

Keri (known as Mrs. O) works for IUSD’s Nutrition Services at Woodbury Elementary School in Irvine, where she creates and feeds nutritious meals to hundreds of kids daily. When the pandemic hit, Keri and a dream team from IUSD’s Nutrition Services department, went from cafeteria workers to heroes! Together they united and prepared and served breakfast and lunch to over 3,000 students a day, 3 times a week! Keri felt it was “more important than ever to help others,” even choosing to do so on her Birthday! She shared with us that some of the families that drove up appeared to be having a difficult time. “I could see the sadness in the kid’s eyes,” Keri recalled. So, she made the decision “to make their meal delivery pick up the best part of their day” by serving up loads of air hugs, words of encouragement to both parents and kids, and BIG smiles (under her mask), along with their free grab and go meals.

Keri’s community service didn’t stop there! She took home leftover food and created FUN, simple, and healthy recipes to share with her community via Instagram (@woodburyiusdcafeteria), and  encouraged others to share their ideas and recipes as well. Keri says Instagram is a great platform to share her important message that “proper nutrition is fundamental to happiness and a healthy immune system. Environment is everything. If you make it FUN, they will be more inclined to try healthy foods.”

Deservedly so, Keri has been recognized by others; This Detailed Life, a professional photography magazine, shared Keri’s story “She is My Hero” in their premier issue titled “The Quarantine Edition.” This. Our Story (@thisourstory) featured Keri on Mother’s Day celebrating motherhood and her quest to do good, and local popular radio station, “Go Country 105” gave her a shout out, a thank you, and a “big virtual hug” as well! 

From ALL of us at LFCIA SoCal, THANK YOU KERI for living the “Liverpool Way” and choosing to make a huge difference in our community! You are a true inspiration and example of how giving back impacts so many!


Liverpool Football Club International Academy SoCal Hosts Tryouts This Week

Liverpool Football Club International Academy SoCal Hosts Tryouts This Week

New Elite League Academy Team Evaluations August 18th – 20th for Boys 2010 – 2002.

The Elite Academy League’s objective is to promote the highest standards in competitive soccer and assist in developing top players inside the elite club’s player pool. Players will be expected to play at a higher level, against stronger competition, and held to higher standards, which we believe creates opportunities for players to grow. We are committed to giving all of our players who want to play soccer at their highest level possible, every opportunity to do so. 

“We are taking an already well established youth program to a higher level of competition in US Soccer, pushing the standards of excellence in the following areas; competition, training sessions, and coaching standards, all for the betterment of player development” explained Academy Director, Paul Holohan. “We are already a founding member of the Elite Academy League and we are looking forward to taking the next steps, playing in similar platforms at the highest levels of US Soccer.”

If you want to be part of Liverpool Football Club International Academy SoCal as we embark on these exciting new opportunities, please attend our open tryout this Tuesday – Thursday, at Saint Jeanne De Lestonnac School.