LFCIA SoCal Home Training Program

LFCIA SoCal Home Training Program

During these challenging times, LFC wants to keep our players active and engaged while they are away from their teams. LFC IA has created many activities to keep athletes engaged, active, and challenged. These are based on the Long-Term Player Development attributes that LFC uses within their academy of Tactical, Technical, Social, Physical, and Mental as a guide to developing player and person. Parents, the curriculum provided will help your child stay in shape physically and mentally.  The learning objectives of LFC are the four-corner model that includes Watch, Analyze, Practice, and Challenge. This allows the player to move through the programs in a way that replicates the training programs set forth by LFC and encourages an organized mindset. These age-appropriate programs include homework tasks focused on player role models, technical tasks, increasing physical conditioning tasks and tactical workshops for older players. LFC wants to create an interactive and challenging experience for the players and their coach.

Virtual Practice

The LFCIA SoCal is committed to their players by providing an online practice initiative that will keep our players, coaches, and soccer families connected. 

We repeat that during this current time our coaches can positively affect our players by driving the LFC ITP’s and encouraging players to commit to them while maintaining a positive mindset surrounding the return to training. Players will be able to participate in online meetings with their coaches. This will allow coaches to discuss and direct the ITP’s, set and manage competitive tasks, and discuss technical content and drive tactical discussions. These discussions can build the basis of future team-building, class-based discussions. We would love to have all teams in classrooms with the coaches, so the next best thing is using an online platform to provide coaches with an excellent opportunity to positively impact players in a meaningful way.

You will be contacted by your coach very soon on this program.


  • Athletes will watch official LFC videos to inspire them and they will learn techniques from the top players.
  • They will watch Men’s, Women’s, and Academy videos of interviews, match highlights, challenges, goals, and how-to episodes designed to improve their soccer IQ.


  • Athletes will have an opportunity to analyze top LFCIA players using the player development model
  • Athletes will be tasked to use our player development model to rate players on technical ability, tactical ability, physicality, mental ability, and social or chemistry.


  • Athletes will be able to practice individual skills and ball manipulation using how-to practices videos.
  • The videos will allow players to watch, practice, and master different skills.
  • Interim fitness and injury prevention programs which will include running drills, lower and upper body strength sessions that are designed to help maintain players fitness while unable to train fully.  This will help reduce the risk of injury when they return to play.
  • We have created 20 short athletic development videos for your children to watch and repeat.


  • Encourages competition within each team/age group
  • Send videos of your child or children completing the challenge wearing the LFC kit
  • Athletes will receive certificates for successfully completing challenges

Congratulations to February Core Value Award Winners

Congratulations to February Core Value Award Winners


B08 Brader


B11 East Davin



  • Knowing that dreams are there to be achieved. Nothing is impossible.
  • Have the courage to take risks and learn from honest mistakes. It makes us braver next time.
  • Pursue ever-higher goals with your feet on the ground.


  • Earn respect through honesty and integrity.
  • Be true to yourself and trust each other to do the right thing in any given situation.
  • Treat people well expect nothing back and the pride will flow.


  • Put your heart and soul into everything – go that last mile to do things right.
  • Live by hard graft and continuous self improvement.
  • Be proud, professional and enthusiastic in all aspects of the club.


  • Work together to bring the best out of each other,on and off the field.
  • Believe in each other’s ability and expertise.
  • Collaborate for the common good across all our communities.

Coronavirus Update

(COVID-19) Update #3

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Our competitive programs are temporarily suspended, pending further advice and guidance from local and national governing bodies and organizations.

Our recreational Junior Development League (JDL) and Pre Club Academy (PCA)  have been moved to the Fall.  

We understand that sport and physical activity has an impact on a child’s physical and mental well-being and, since history has proven that we will be back to our normal activities in time, we are extremely confident in our ability to deliver our season and are committed to our players and parents.

To this end, we are retaining our competitive coaches to help support this intent and have contingencies in place for program delivery if we have to delay the current anticipated return. This could include an extended season, a change in club break or other similar opportunities to ensure players receive their programming.

In light of the challenges currently faced at LFC International Academies around the world, we have implemented Individual Training Plans, which are keeping our players engaged with LFC whilst on field practices are temporarily suspended, as well as select partners for our recreational players, including moti sports.

As information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve quickly, the health and well-being of families and community remains our number one priority! We know that moments like these challenge us to do what’s best for our family members both young and old. Taking precautionary measures, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and reinforcing existing policies and procedures will improve the quality of life.

We ask for your patience during this difficult time. Thank you for your ongoing confidence, care, and trust. 

Take care, be well and we will see you on the field very soon!

Liverpool FC International Academy – SoCal


Junior Development League

Junior Development League

JDL Spring Season kicked off March 9th! We had a great first week of practices! Players discovered their team color and met their coach which was very exciting.  

Unfortunately the spring season has been postponed; however, all players have been provided a chance to engage in the app “My personal football coach.”

This will offer every player an opportunity to work on ball mastery sessions during their time away from the field!  Click this link to see how the MyPersonalFootballCoach app can take your game to the next level.

Stay healthy and we’ll see you soon!


Coach of the Month: Jesus Olivera

Coach of the Month: Jesus Olivera

From our DOC: Jesus has shown himself to be receptive in training to co-coaching, showing a willingness to learn and an ability to deliver meaningful sessions to his teams. He is always receptive to new ideas, communicative and works hard to be the best coach that he can be for himself and his players. He is a real pleasure to work with. These are the attributes that set our coaches apart from many that I see at weekend games.  I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on the arrival of his baby daughter; well done Jesus!  

Philosophy:  I believe everyone should be given a chance respective to their level. I believe in creating a mindset in which each player can continue to challenge themselves to keep improving. A style that requires teamwork and possession based soccer. 

Favorite LFC Player:  Salah

Favorite Food:  Mexican